Sunday, July 28, 2013


Geothermal Exchange heating and cooling systems or Ground Source Heat Pumps capture energy from the ground - but from where does that energy come?  ... the sun!!    And it's capturing Massachusetts State Legislature attention.

Geothermal exhange systems (GSHP) are increasingly viewed as the missing link to net zero building and energy retrofitting.  When combined with Solar PV, and quality insulation, a geothermal exange system can effectively enable a net zero building or home

The energy captured by thermal exchange is in fact solar energy stored in the earth's crust.  The solar energy is aborbed and maintained at 50-55deg due to the constant rotating and orbital motion of the earth in relationship to the sun.  Water is used to indirectly capture the sun's abundant energy. 

The advantage of this technology is that it is present and available day or night, rain or shine, and regardless of the seasonal impact on direct solar energy technologies (Solar PV, Solar Thermal, etc.).  The key to optimal operational efficiency with these systems is installation design and capabilities.

These systems are not only extremely efficient they are quiet and produce no carbon monoxide.  It's truly wonderful to see this technology added to the mix of available clean, zero carbon energy solutions for business and residential applications ...


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  2. My fiance and I just bought our first house and we are thinking about replacing our heating and ac system to something a little more environmentally friendly and more cost effective. The one we have no is very outdated and it costs us an arm and a leg to run. Thanks for sharing this, I will have to send it to my fiance.

  3. The solar energy is aborbed and maintained at 50-55deg due to the constant rotating and orbital motion of the earth in relationship to the sun. Water is used to indirectly capture the sun's abundant energy.

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